Jackie and the Dastardly Dognappers

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Jackie and the Dastardly Dognappers is a fictional children’s book based on a real dog! Jackie is a husky that is widely adored by his fellow Southern Californians. He is most loved by his owner, Andi, who he teaches a yoga class with. Brenda and Steve Steel, longtime admirers of Jackie, decide that the only way they can have Jackie is to dog nap him. Jackie must find his way back to Andi before the evil dognappers take him away forever!

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The Insta-Pet Interactive Series was derived from the idea of extending the relationship between the reader and the main character. While the story is fiction, Jackie the husky is a real dog! The main character in the book is based off of a real dog and the personality/characteristics of the main character are true to the real dog. Parents of the readers can follow Jackie on Instagram @jackiethehusky so they can keep up with Jackie’s day-to-day adventures! By showing their children Jackie’s pictures and videos everyday, the kids really get to be a part of Jackie’s life! This is also a great way to introduce social media to your children and gives the opportunity to implement rules to teach them how to safely utilize social media.